Sound for your laser tag arena

Any indoor laser tag arena is remembered by it scenarios, illumination, the balance of the gaming area and of course by its sound.

Every little detail will be important in this issue. All from background sound to the sound of the shot should be selected with great care. Background sounds set the mood of the arena, the dynamics of the game, involvement in the gameplay.

Conservative manufacturers of arena laser tag equipment often limit parameters to a small set of standard tunes and sounds. On the one hand, the operator receives the sounds that organically fit the arena mood, but, on the other hand, the same melodies quickly bother those players who visit the laser tag arena very often.

LASERWAR developers decided not to restrict users. Now the soundtrack of the arena can be configured in the smallest details. The developed by LASERWAR method will allow the game manager to add any sounds to arena events. You can use the Star Wars soundtrack, Star Trek tunes, transferring players to any favorite games and movies universes. Or you can choose those tracks that will blow the mind of your gamers and become that feature for which customers will return again and again.

All files are combined into playlists, so the manager does not have to collect the sound picture of the arena from many pieces. A convenient indoor laser tag software (CYBERTAG configurator) interface will prompt the user to which event the audio track belongs. There are no technical limitations: you can use mp3, wav-files, the program can easily use any format.

The process of sounds setting is described in CYBERTAG configurator manual. But if you have questions that cannot be solved on your own, the technical support department will help to make the arena configuration.