Features of indoor laser tag?

What games are played by adults who grew up on Star Wars movies? Of course, they play PC space “shooter” games and indoor laser tag.
Indoor laser tag is also known as laser paintball or laser skirmish. It is one of the most interesting games that imitate combat fights. Usually, indoor laser tag is played in a specially equipped and Sci-Fi designed mazes, called arenas. That’s why sometimes it is called arena laser tag.
The main principle of this game is to “hit” the enemy or specially designed devices (interactive targets, bases and so on) with infrared ray gun called tagger or blaster. The player or team that gets most points wins the fight. The points can be added for hitting enemy players or hitting and defending special devices, it depends on the gaming scenario. Infrared rays are totally safe for humans. The same technology is used in TV remote controls. Gaming indoor laser tag equipment consists of vests with built-in sensors registering the hit, futuristic design guns, special multifunctional devices like game bases, respawn devices and statistic transmitting devices.
Modern indoor laser tag is images on the walls glowing in the dark, visible laser beams, animated of vests and blasters illumination, powerful shots sounds, sci-fi modern music, and exciting gaming scenarios.

History of indoor laser tag.
In 1977, George Carter III, inspired by “Star Wars” the movie, created the game “Photon”. In 1984 he opened his first arena on the bases of Photon game. It was the beginning of indoor laser tag industry. In first years arena lasertag was deemed to be only children game but after a while, it became a game for all ages. Now thousands laser tag arenas are opened in the world. A lot of equipment producers supply their laser tag gear for this game. Today, indoor laser tag is deemed not only a high-tech attraction but also a new generation of sports for people of all ages.

What is indoor laser tag game?
Players wear vests with hit sensors (sensors are usually located on the front, on the back, and on the shoulders) and take blasters that shoot with infrared rays.
Unlike paintball, laser tag doesn’t use pellets, that’s why it is completely safe and doesn’t need any additional protective clothes. But the players get a lot of sensory evidences. The shots are accompanied by sound effects, and when the player is hit by the enemy, the sensors on the vests vibrate and glow. It’s like watching a movie, but participate in the action and even influence the scenario.
A game manager can change any settings before the game to diversify gaming scenario: he can set the amount of health hit points, blaster damage settings, fire rate, the number for cartridges and so on. In most scenarios single hit not kills the player. For example, the player has ten health hit points and the enemy’s gun has one damage factor that the player should be hit ten times before virtual death. The “wounded” player continue to fight, seeking revenge on the enemy. That’s why indoor laser tag game is very dynamic and exciting.

All information about hits is recorded by sensors and is sent to the manager’s computer. This live statistics can be displayed on the screen and visible for players and visitors. After the game, every player can receive a detailed with a report with who hit whom and how many times data.
There are a lot of game scenarios of arena laser tag. The most popular ones are to capture the enemy’s territory, save the hostages, capture the base or defend the base or even team deathmatch or everyone against all.

Why players like indoor laser tag?
One of the main advantages of an arena laser tag is the ability to be transferred into the world favorite movies like Star Wars or Starship Troopers or favorite games like Counter-Strike. It is more exciting compared to the virtual reality attractions because the players fight against other players, but not just a computer algorithm.
This game is also dynamic sports and it has a lot of health benefits. This is a very exciting sports activity, that really differs from boring gym workouts. That’s why most of the players come to the arena again and again.
And another argument in favor of the arena laser tag is a very low game cost for the player. An extremely hot 20-minute fight costs the same as one large burger. The player has a lot of benefits from the gamer and does not get fat from it. It’s a real sport and it helps to lose weight and stimulate player’s mental activities by working out combat strategies, hiding in the maze, playing as a team and so on.