LASERWAR is a world leader in developing and production of indoor and outdoor laser tag equipment that is used more than in 70 countries all over the world.
We’ve started our business more 10 years ago and during this time we have developed dozens of unique devices, hundreds of models of laser tag equipment not only for outdoor, tactical or military game but also for arena laser tag.
The staff of LASERWAR consists of developers, designers, programmers, engineers with more than 10 years of professional experience. Now main production facilities are located in Russia, Smolensk city.
The quality of integration and electronics has always been at the highest level. We use only high-quality electronic components certified according to international standards CE, MCA.

Own production facilities
LASERWAR has its own production of gaming equipment. We start from the idea and bring it to the final version, that has no design defects. Using machines, auto-mount boards, and specialized production areas allow us to reduce prices for the final product.
Design and development
We always create test prototypes for each component. Pistol grips, front and rear sights, and even triggers have their prototype with every detail is checked for fault tolerance and usability.
A team of software developers and programmers are working every day for updating our software that is used by customers for game management and configuration outdoor laser tag and arena cyber tag.
Quality control
We test our equipment in special refrigeration and rain chambers. The equipment is successfully operated in different weather and climate conditions and can be used in the cold, heat and rain.
12 months – the warranty period of maintenance of game sets.
Service maintenance
You will never be left alone with the issues that can arise during the operation of our equipment. We have live voice and chat support, maintenance and repair videos.
Your goals are our goals.
We understand that the development of our company depends on the development of our clients’ business, and we will do our best to suit your needs in professional laser tag arena equipment!