Smart Cybertag X-Base

Cyberta Smart X Base for indoor laser tag games


Smart Cybertag X-base is the most important interactive device for indoor laser tag battles.

This device performs several scenario functions in one game unit. On the one hand, this smart Cybertag X-Base can perform the functions of control point, team base, respawn device, and turrets, depending on the selected game scenario. On the other hand, its main task is to collect and transmit players’ game statistics in real-time.

Compared to its previous version (Interactive Game Base) it has a new futuristic design, bright lighting, powerful sound more powerful processor, and increased radio coverage.



The base consists of a control board, speaker, light modules, and a radio module for communication with the game kits. The body is made of matt translucent plastics which diffuse light. Durable plastics protect this device from potential shocks. The powerful speaker inside the case greatly increases the sound loudness. The back of the device has mounting holes for wall mounting.



The base is connected via a local network directly through a router. In the first case, you need a network cable with cross-over wiring. In the second, a regular patchlead is used. Connections are located at the bottom of the case. The device can signal its status with color and sound indications. Indication color, switch on time and sounds are set in the Cybertag configurator application.



Depending on the scenario, Cybertag X-base is used as a respawn base or a checkpoint. An indoor arena can have several such devices. The roles of this device in scenarios are not limited by anything. The game manager can realize the most daring ideas in the game with the scenario editor section of the Cybertag configurator application.

Bright illumination will complement the design of the laser tag arena, and players will receive objective information about the current results of the battle.

Remember, that the first impression of your arena is based on your indoor equipment. You will not surprise visitors with just guns alone. This smart Cybertag X-Base will help you transform the entire battlefield into a single coherent mechanism.