Get your promotion materials for free!

Everything is important when you open your laser tag arena: the supplier, reliable equipment, software with a large number of scenarios. But the owner also needs a marketing program. It is important to explain to the client the advantages of your arena over other attractions. That’s why you need promotional material. Experienced laser tag arena operators arena know that professional advertising is the starting point of success.

But it is not enough to find acceptable photos on the Internet. The style of this photos will differ from your arena, and these materials will require processing. To create a beautiful advertising package you need a photographer, a designer and long coordination with an advertising agency. It takes time and you will open the arena later. Now, these routine actions are not needed.

Buying our CYBERTAG indoor laser tag equipment, you get 2.5 gigabytes of promotional materials as a gift. Using them, it will be easy to design a briefing room, reception area, and arena entrance. Our high-resolution photos are also suitable for printed products: banners, booklets, flyers and business cards – attributes that are necessary for interaction with the client. Our studio photos will save your time and money. The materials are made in a single style.

If you plan to open a large network of indoor laser tag arenas, one style will help make your own brand.