Interactive Game Base



Interactive Game base is a universal device that can perform a lot of functions. It can be used as:

  • Team base

In assault or bases scenario team base is a team headquarter, that should be defended by this team and should be attacked by the opposite teams.  In these scenarios, it can be destroyed by a preset number of shots of the opposite team player. If headquarter is destroyed – the team loses the game.

  • Respawn device

It can be used as a medkit that respawns the players and restores their ammo after the preset time period. For example, it can send respawn signal every 10 seconds.

  • Control point

The control point is the device that can be captured by shooting into it. So, if a player shoots the device his team starts to capture this control point, control point colors in the color of his team and starts count capturing time. Another team player can recapture and recolor the control point and in this case, another team starts capturing the control point. The control point sums the time of capturing the control point of each team and the team that first acquires the preset amount of capturing time, for example, 10 minutes, wins. There can be one of several control points in the arena.

  • Target

The Game Base can be used for aiming and testing guns and for explaining to beginners how the game is played.

  • Mine

The Game Base can send a “kill” signal if the player passes by.

  • Gun turret

The Game Base can be used as an independent combat unit and can shoot the players.

You can find full description of Game Base here