Blaster Original + Vest game set



Player game set that consists of Transparent Blaster, arena Laser Tag Vest, and charger

General laser tag blaster features: 

  • radio module for receiving and processing of game statistics
  • 4 hit sensors built in the blaster
  • the “other hand ” sensor ensures players’ safety’
  • light and a strong case made of transparent polycarbonate
  • a powerful speaker ensures loud digital sound
  • blaster internal LEDs respond to shots, to the damage and interact with additional devices
  • adjustable IR ray power (from 1 to 100 present) to avoid wall bounce effects

General Laser Tag Vest features 

  • special hygienic Air-Mesh layer,
  • 10 Infra-red hit sensors protected with polycarbonate tuff casings and divided into 3 separate hitting zones (left hand with shoulder, right hand with shoulder, back). Each zone can have its own preset damage factor.
  • 3 vibromotors (one for each zone) with powerful vibration when hit.
  • velcro for team or operator logo patches
  • safety blaster belt keeper
  • 38 bright multicolor LED lights and glow color and brightness settings for teams and statuses (live, dead, wounded)