Arena light recommendations

Indoor laser tag gives the owner the ability to make its own design arena. You can use all designer bells and whistles by creating volume details, highlighting the parts he needs, hiding secret corners, adding gaming functions to the interior elements.

In this article we’ll describe the area, i.e. the place where the main game process takes place. We will not describe the waiting room, the briefing room since their design is only an addition to the arena, but not vice versa.

All idoor laser tag arenas have a certain set of elements to work with. Any laser tag arena has a floor, walls, a ceiling, technical elements and we will describe them in this order.

Interactive flooring

Of course, one of the most expensive design options while making laser tag arena is putting of interactive LED floors into the interior design, which can become an integral part of the gameplay.

Modern LED floors have a large variety of shapes and sizes, and therefore can be used to decorate rooms of any size and configuration. The modular design of such floors makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the cover, repair and replace it. Due to the presence of a protective impact-resistant and anti-slip coating layer, such floors are able to withstand prolonged loads and intense physical impact. In addition, using  Digital Multiplex protocol (DMX512), you can create an interaction between the player and the arena. For example, when moving on the floor, the player may leave a trace, which makes the other players understand the direction of the player’s movement. You can also highlight the area of the floor on which the player is located. Other players will be able to determine whether there is someone in this territory or not only by the color of the floor glow. And, on the contrary, it is possible to use this feature in order to disorientate the opponents, putting a heavy object on the floor.

Fluorescent walls

The walls deserve a special attention because they are always in the crosshairs of the players. Fortunately, they can be decorated in a huge number of tools, from fluorescent wallpaper to stenciled decorations using luminous inks. All this will help the owner to create an individual interior for his indoor laser tag arena.

Fluorescent 3D-wallpapers (CyberTex Wallcoverings) is a unique material for creating an unusual design of laser tag arena.

Under usual lighting, such wallpapers are just colorful paintings with high-quality drawings of various subjects, but when you turn on the ultraviolet black light, they become a three-dimensional drawing that creates a participation effect. The attractiveness of fluorescent 3D wallpaper is obvious.

In addition to wallpaper, more and more designers use special fluorescent decoration, and luminous paints are becoming increasingly popular among laser tag are owners. Let us explain how this “fluorescent paint” works.

Fluorescent paint glows in the dark under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, making any image like a firework in the night sky. But even in the daytime, these drawings are quite bright, because the light radiation hitting the image painted with fluorescent paint is not absorbed, as is in common paint case, but is enhanced by the transformation of light energy.

All fluorescent paints start glowing when you switch on the UV light. The colors options are quite large, which allows you to create fabulous effects.

Phosphor paint

We recommend using special phosphor paint. This paint absorbs and accumulates light energy and afterward emits it in total darkness without any light sources. In this case, the energy accumulation can occur through the absorption of both types of rays from the sun (daylight) and lamp sources, including ultraviolet lamps. The brighter the accumulated rays or longer the accumulation energy process, the longer the paint will glow in the dark. Phosphor paint in daylight has a whitish color, or it is semitransparent. Although most manufacturers promise up to 10 hours of the afterglow, we do not recommend to make core arena drawings with this such a paint, it will be more rational paint it the elements whose design significance may vary in time.

UV Lamps

Usually, we use a lot of luminous colors in laser tag arena design and we need to activate them. The most efficient way is to light them with ultraviolet lamps. The production technology of blacklight-lamps is similar to the production of common fluorescent lamps, except for the fact that instead of a white glass, a very dark glass is used. This glass is called Black glass or Wood’s glass” and is used to stop visible light.

It is important to note that such lamps are safe, and emitted light is completely harmless to humans. The range of manufactured ultraviolet lamps and fixtures is very large wide and diverse, so anyone who can find the products for their specific needs. First of all, these lamps differ by power, which can vary from 4-9W to 400-500W and above. In addition, there are differences in shape, size, and configuration.


Laser tag arena ceiling design completely depends on your budget. Many people forget about this part of the arena since they do not consider it important. However, we can say that the ceiling, like the floor as we mentioned above, sets the tone for the whole gaming arena. For example, if you choose the wrong ceiling design, the ceiling can create a «pressure» feeling among the players, in this case, the arena will be felt small, cramped and uncomfortable. That’s why the high-quality and modern design of the ceiling is as important elements of indoor arena design as its walls. You can use spotlights, laser projectors, paints, UV illuminated drawings and so on.


In conclusion, I would like to note that the arena design means a solution for a lot of certain tasks. Therefore, while planning your expenses, you should understand what goals and tasks you set for yourself, what ways you plan to solve them. This position will help you to make the design of the arena perfect with minimal costs.