New laser tag arena equipment: CYBERTAG 2.0 BLACK EDITION. What’s new?

One of the main this year events applicable to arena laser tag is the release of a new version of CYBERTAG 2.0 Black Edition equipment from LASERWAR company.

The new arena laser tag set now has a number of additional functions, the main task of which is to make the gameplay even more bright and memorable. New laser target designator, that helps aiming, will give players the opportunity to feel them like superheroes saving the world, and powerful sound effects with bright vests and blasters illumination will give the players unforgettable emotions.

LASERWAR engineers did not forget about player’s protection that’s why the blasters casings are equipped with stylish rubber bumpers that reliably protect players from injuries in accidental collisions. One of the main safety rules of arena laser tag is that a player should be able to fire from blaster only holding it with TWO hands. The updated equipment of the second hand sensor now guarantees operation even if the player hands during an active game became sweaty.

A bright OLED display on the blaster displays the basic game parameters. Number of cartridges, health hitponts and battery power. A new optical system allows player to shoot very accurately and has a smooth shot power adjustment from 1 to 100%, which allows the game manager to configure the blaster for particular arena conditions and ricochet effects.

The updated top level software fully controls all game kits and devices of game arena, displays all types real-time statistics on large TV panels. Dozens of dynamic game scenarios the ability to configure them, special sound effects, custom vests design, fiscal statistics and a lot of other features will make using this arena laser tag equipment very convenient for game owners and managers.

However, you can learn all about the advantages of the new CYBERTAG 2.0 Black Edition equipment from the short video.